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My name is Francoise Carvalho. I was born in Senegal West Africa. My parents are from Portugal and Cape Verde Island. Being from the west, our native language is spoken mainly by a minority. Education was very important in my family. My parents made sure we went to school and stayed in school. My older siblings were our role models and mentors. They helped us with our homework and kept us on track. After I finished my elementary education, I went up north to Saint Louis of Senegal for boarding Catholic school. Bear in mind that the city looks just like the cit of New Orleans with its French Quarter. It was built by the French in honor of their king in the 7th century. It is located by the river Senegal that acts as a natural barrier against the Sahara desert. Every holiday, I would travel to Dakar to celebrate with my family.  After graduation, I went to the University of Dakar to study English as a second language and French. After a few years, I got married and had two wonderful children. I love spending time with my children during my free time when I do not have choir practice at church.  I have many years of experience in Early Childhood education in the Milwaukee area and look forward to helping your children grow with us here at Epiphany.